dELACRUZ PROJECTS is an in-house design center for residential, commercial and hotel areas.

We work with designers, architects, construction companies, interior designers and hotels looking for restoration and purchase of furniture, offering them a complete and high-quality service on the products they are looking for, to complete their projects successfully.

We sell products with the most prestigious European brands, of great quality and at the best competitive price. We are very passionate about what we do, offering spectacular first class customer service.

Bob Marrow

Co-Founder & CEO

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Akemi Hino

Co-Founder & CEO

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Marie Tomsen

Head of platform

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Who are we?

dELACRUZ PROJECTS is going to change the way you live. We will bring an exclusive lifestyle around you and we will show you how to do it through a totally personalized service, quality products, a high level of attention to detail.

  • Excellence

    design experts
  • Passion

    We love what we do
  • Quality

    Prestigious and internationally renowned brands
  • Premium service

    The customer is always priority
  • Environment

    We promote environmentally friendly procedures and products
  • Product developers

    We carry out the design process, select the material, implement the concept and verify the quality of the final work
  • Innovation

    Personalized consultation. We are always up to date on the latest fashion trends around the world.

Our difference

Pull Quote:

“I am passionate about design. I live it, breathe it, feel it”
—Véronique de la Cruz

We transform spaces, so when you walk through the door, Wow!, your breath is taken away. Every design detail is done to perfection. The style, the colors, the way the solution brings to life the architectural ambience – dELACRUZ PROJECTS can dramatically alter your building space and your life with a single stroke.

Whether you are a hotel chain looking to refurbish your rooms, a builder who wants help designing living areas from scratch, an architect or interior designer who needs a partner to help achieve their design vision, or a homeowner who desires a living space changed into something magical – we can turn your dreams and designs into reality. Quickly, cost effectively and using the world’s best luxury brands, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

We are dedicated to creating perfect design solutions. We take your requirements, your wish list and the unique demands of the architectural space, and transform them into a sublime design solution that is ready to be used and enjoyed without further alteration.

“I bring a strong sense of design, beauty and style to every job. These are the qualities that helped me to become to provide creative direction for the global portfolio of LaCure luxury villas, and to launch an internationally successful swimwear line.

With dELACRUZ PROJECTS, I now offer my knowledge of international design trends and flair to customers of our Fine Home Furnishings and Hospitality divisions – hotels, architects, builders, interior designers, and business and homeowners. But our solutions are not successful because they follow my vision but because they achieve yours.

I am backed by a team who shares my design philosophy, approach to outstanding customer service and dedication to the highest professional standards. Whether it’s customer support, sales, an in-house designer and architect, or outstanding installation team, we ensure that your expectations will be met and exceeded.” Contact me today for a free consultation <link to contact page>. Together we will uncover the beautiful potential of your space.


President & CEO

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